When a manuscript is received, its compliance with requirements is evaluated, including its fit with the BER’s stated areas of focus, submission guidelines, and compliance with the BER’s Policies. In the spirit of excellence, we will endeavour to respond to submissions rapidly and inform you if the submission has been selected to undergo Peer+ Review or if it has been deemed unsuitable for publication in the BER.

Double-Blind Peer+ Review Process

Articles are subjected to very rigorous review. The process involves review by both practitioners and academics so it is more challenging than normal peer review and, as such, we refer to it as “Peer+ Review”.

The review process is a double-blind one, so the identities of both the reviewers and the author(s) are kept from each other during the review.

Accepted Manuscripts

To enable the BER to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must assign copyright in their manuscripts to The Business Excellence Institute. All accepted manuscripts must be accompanied by a signed  statement that the article is original, is not under consideration by another journal, and has not previously been published elsewhere. The Corresponding Author may sign on behalf of all co-authors.

If an article is accepted, its author(s) must submit a biographical note (50 to 80 words in length per author) and a professional quality “head shot” photograph in which the face is clearly shown. The biographical note should include each author’s academic qualifications (including where his/her highest degree was earned), current affiliation and position, country of residence, and an email address.

Once the manuscript has been copy edited, the Corresponding Author of an accepted manuscript will receive a softcopy electronically to proof read. Corrections to the proof will need to be made by the author(s) and returned to the BER within the specified timeframe (note: no revisions to the text are allowed, except where the copy editor has requested clarification).

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