What is the Business Excellence Review?

The Business Excellence Review (BER) is a journal for managers and leaders. It seeks to publish manuscripts that explore new thinking, knowledge, and the application of approaches and we intend it to become the go–to source of leading thinking on Business Excellence in both the private and public sectors as well as in the non-profit sector.

Written for busy people who need to keep up to date in a demanding, dynamic world, it provides readers with concise articles based on practitioner insight as well as robust academic research.  

As such, its writing style requirements focus on making actionable information and ideas available to the reader in as accessible a way as possible. Supporting information such as citations, reflexivity, and justification of approaches taken are confined to a Commentary section appended to the article.


The BER’s audience is business leaders and managers at all levels in both private and public sector organizations. The BER will provide actionable insight and learning to these managers – knowledge produced “by managers for managers” as well as knowledge produced by research with leaders and managers.

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